Tokyo · Nishi Azabu. We offer a kind and attentive service from treatment to healing, aiming for a place to be loved by everyone.

We aim to "trust and security osteopathy".

There are several reasons why we, Judo Reductor · Mr. Rikyu do the independent opening business, the best reason is "realization of ideal treatment". The ideal treatment for me is, in short, "being patient-oriented at all times."
 We pursue profits and do not recommend treatment without need. We do not extend the treatment period uselessly. For patients, it is the best idea to come to the Osamu Osamu clinic because it is the best idea, we will treat you with sincerity with the goal of getting soon as soon as possible even one day.
  Also, it is common for multiple staffs to have a common understanding and to see one patient instead. I think that there is an operation until the patient enters from the entrance and exits. Every time the same staff respond to everything not just to the procedure, I think that you are aware of minor changes in patients such as walking style and attitude when entering, tone and expression of voice.
 We are aiming for "trust and security osteopathy" rooted in the area. Please let me help you maintain and promote your health.

Director Yuzo Kato
  • ・Judo Therapist
  • ・Acupuncturist
  • ・licensed masseuse
  • Muscle training
Deputy Director Yoshihiko Kurihara
資格 ・Judo Therapist
・ Acupuncturist
  • Muscle training , Baseball , Golf , Marathon
We often have a question "Does acupuncture and moxibustion work?" Because it depends on the symptoms,
We will suggest a treatment method etc. from here.

MIKOKORO Orthopedic clinic/Acupuncture moxa massage room
2-15-7 Nishi Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo # 102